UberMedia and Twitter Resolve Their Differences

Posted Feb 21, 2011

On February 18, Twitter said that they were blocking products owned by UberMedia because of TOS violations. UberMedia and Twitter have resolved their differences. UberMedia is changing the name of their BlackBerry client from UberTwitter to UberSocial. UberMedia will not be changing the name of their Android client Twidroyd. Below is a statement from Twitter:

?Today Twitter reinstated access to the applications twidroyd and UberSocial for Blackberry (formerly UberTwitter), which were suspended two days ago for policy violations. Our initial review indicates that steps have been taken to remedy the violations for these applications. We will review these applications on an ongoing basis for compliance.

We will review UberSocial for iPhone and UberCurrent, two other applications suspended on Friday, when they are provided to us.

Developers using the Twitter API have a responsibility not to violate the rules designed to protect our users and the long-term health and vitality of the Twitter platform. If you use the API that we support at great cost with our infrastructure and engineers, you sign up to abide by the rules for its use. While we don?t pre-review every application the way, say, Apple does in its App Store, that is no excuse to violate the rules or see what you can get away with.

Hundreds of thousands of developers who use our API daily do so within the framework we set up, without the need for close oversight, threats or actions that impact users.

We closely evaluate our relationships with developers that don?t work within this framework.?