Uber Launches UberX Service In Detroit

Posted Nov 5, 2013

Uber, the company that lets you set up an on-demand ride through an app, has set up operations in Detroit this past March.  The company has launched a new lower-priced offering called UberX in Detroit.  UberX uses more of a ride-share model rather than Uber’s black car service.

UberX rides can be set up with a few taps on their smartphones.  UberX partners with licensed for-hire drivers with non-luxury vehicles and everyday people can give riders a life with their personal vehicles.

Uber fan and Detroit Piston Kyle Singer head that UberX arrived in Detroit so he caught the first ride to the Palace of Auburn Hills to kick off the season.

UberX riders will be picked up in a car that is clean and is no more than 10 years old.  They can seat four people comfortably.  Before UberX launched in Detroit, around 1,000 residents already downloaded the app prior to the company’s official launch there.

Uber’s coverage covers from the Detroit Metro Airport to the west, north towards Birmingham, and east towards Grosse Pointe.  Every Uber transaction is done online and no cash changes hand.  The company also has some of the riders’ personal information for safety.  Uber drivers can always accept or decline a ride request, but the accept rate is over 90%.

Drivers will be paid by Uber during a promotional month of free rides in Detroit.  Drivers are paid by the trip minus a 20% commission they give to Uber.  Uber moved their Detroit operations to the Grand Circus building after outgrowing their operations in the Madison Building.

Today, Uber is giving a free ride to ensure that each and every Detroiter has a chance to cast a vote.  To get a free ride on Election Day, text the code VOTEUBER13 to 827-222*, or enter it in the app (options menu, left hand corner) and a free ride up to $30 will be added to your account.  You can share Election Day Uber stories by sending a tweet @Uber_Det with the hashtag #VOTEUBER13.