Ubuntu Announces A Phone Operating System, Coming In Early 2014

Posted Jan 3, 2013

Canonical has announced that they are releasing a mobile version of the Ubuntu operating system built on the Android kernel and drivers.  It will not use a Java Virtual Machine and the company promises to use the “full power of the phone.”  Phones with the mobile version of Ubuntu will work on ARM and x86 processors.  Manufacturing partners and carriers have not been announced yet, but the company said that the first Ubuntu for Android handset should be provided by a “high-end” Android device company.

Commercial Ubuntu phones are expected to arrive in early 2014, but they do have several demo phones being tested right now.  The company will be releasing downloadable images of the platform for the Galaxy Nexus in a couple weeks.

The Ubuntu phone’s user interface will have thumb gestures from the edge of the screen and swiping in from the four edges will let users switch between apps and search for content.  A short swipe on the left side will bring up a dock of your favorite apps.  A full left-to-right swipe will pull up all of your open apps.  Swiping from the right will let you flip back through the apps that you are running.  The search feature built into Ubuntu phone will will be global and the voice commands will be supported.

[Source: The Verge]