UCB and PatientsLikeMe Social Network Partner On Drug Study

Posted Jun 18, 2009

UCB is a biopharmaceutical company that is based in Belgium.  UCB has announced that they have partnered with social network company PatientsLikeMe.com in order to reach out to epilepsy patients.  PatientsLikeMe is a social network where users share health information including outcomes, treatments, and symptoms.

UCB plans to use the partnership to gather data about epilepsy including whether the patients have used their products or not.  PatientsLikeMe will study drug safety through data mining on UCB’s products through the partnership as well.  The UCB and PatientsLikeMe co-branded website will launch sometime in 2010.

“Drug companies get longitudinal outcomes data as well as achievements and intervention,” stated PatientsLikeMe co-founder Benjamin Heywood in a press release. “UCB wants to explore the comparative effectiveness of all the different therapeutics and interventions on the quality of life of epilepsy patients.”