Udorse Is A Visual Endorsement Engine Backed By The Founders Fund; Peter Thiel On Board

Posted Sep 15, 2009

Udorse is a visual endorsement engine that launched at TechCrunch50. The company raised $500,000 in seed funding from The Founders Fund and Peter Thiel joined the Board of Directors. The idea behind the website is that people endorse items they love in the form of pictures. This could include t-shirts, watches, cufflinks, etc. Udorse encourages users to endorse items and places in photos by tagging them. They places or items in the photos are tagged to websites.

For example, if you want to endorse the new Ray-Ban sunglasses you bought, you are encouraged to tag them in a picture of yourself wearing them to a website where others can buy it. The brands will appreciate the free endorsement too. Udorse even has several partners. If sales are made by your referral picture, then you get a cut too.

Udorse even allows you to connect your Facebook Photos to your Udorse account, making it easier to tag the photos initially. The person that highlights the item receives a 25% commission fee if another person purchases the item. As of yesterday Armani and American Apparel partnered with Udorse. Udorse was founded by Geoffrey Lewis and Trevor Austin.

Video demo available after the jump.