Undetweetable Uncovers Your Deleted Tweets

Posted Aug 3, 2011

Grad student Bradley Griffith’s new website Undetweetable records Twitter users’ deleted tweets. Gizmodo reports that he created the site as a summer project with help from Dean Terry, director of University of Texas at Dallas’s MobileLab. Once a user has been added to Undetweetable’s database, the site begins recording tweets that user deletes. Users who protect their tweets are protected from Undetweetable, but once a user is added and tweets are recorded, they’re there forever.

Griffith’s website is currently experiencing some error messages due to heavy traffic. The main page for Undetweetable warns, “If the user is already in our database, we’ll take you to his or her page. If not, you’ll be adding him or her permanently to our site – so what happens next is your fault.” Since the site has a “random user” button, I wouldn’t recommend adding yourself to the ranks unless you’re up for the consequences.