Uniqul Has Created A Facial Recognition Payment System

Posted Jul 25, 2013

is a Helsinki, Finland based company that has patented and tested a new payment system that will let you pay for something using facial recognition.  Examples of usage can be at a gas station or a mall.  Instead of pulling out your credit card, you can look at a camera until it recognizes you.  When your information is pulled up, you can tap okay and click on the payment options to complete the order.

Uniqul will store your credit card information, but they have “military grade” encryption.  Uniqul users will be able to pay with PayPal or regular credit cards.  The service will reportedly cost slightly more than $1 per month and it can extend to a 0.6-1.2 mile radius from a point that a user chooses from.  The second level costs over $9 per month and covers a wider distance.

The level is dependent on the number of terminals that are in the area.  The wider the area, the higher the prices.  This service will be launching in Helsinki soon, according to Mashable.