United Cats & Dogs Gets A Golden Collar From Skype’s Founders

Posted Apr 21, 2008

“UDC has a monolithic team that can guarantee fast growth and be successful in putting all pets in the world to the web.”
-Tauno Tats, CEO of ASI

United Dogs and Cats, Ltd. (UDC) made a call to the Skype founders for an investment. And Ambient Sounds Investments (ASI), the company formed by the 4 engineers behind Skype answered the call. Ambient invested about $235,000 into the pet social network company recently. United Dogs and Cats runs UnitedDogs.com and UnitedCats.com, a couple of social networking companies for pet owners.

Between both sites, there are only 40,000 users. This is not a whole lot. The design of the homepage is pretty sloppy too. If I was United Dogs and Cats, I’d hire a user interface expert. UnitedDogs and UnitedCats has profiles, blogs, and photo sharing.

United Dogs and Cats will be opening a new platform and languages over the next few weeks.  UDC also has a Facebook Application and allows users to find each other via Google Maps if interested.

Ragnar Sass is the CEO of Estonian-based UDC.

Competitors include Dogster, Catster, My Dog Space, and My Cat Space, Petster, Pawspot, Fuzzster.

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