Univ. of Minnesota Student Gets Arrested For Selling His Vote For President On eBay

Posted Jul 7, 2008

Max P. Sanders, a student at the University of Minnesota was arrested when he put up his vote for President for auction on eBay.  The student claimed it was a joke, but the Hennepin County District Court charged him with a felony.

“The rules are simple, the highest bidder will tell me who to cast my vote for in the election,” wrote Sanders on his auction post. “I will vote for any candidate of any party, as long as they are on the ballot.”  The headline for the auction was “I’m selling my vote in the Presidential Election” and Sanders’ username is zepdrummer612. 

The charge used against Sanders’ case was a count of bribery, treating and soliciting from a law that passed in 1893.  The court was able to get Sanders’ information by sending eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY) a subpoena.

“We take it very seriously. Fundamentally, we believe it is wrong to sell your vote,” stated John Aiken, a spokesman for the Minnesota Secretary of State. “There are people that have died for this country for our right to vote, and to take something that lightly, to say, ‘I can be bought.’

The auction did not receive any bids.