University of Michigan Student, David Yen Launches

Posted Apr 15, 2008

“As I was looking for a student to partner with me and start a web-based venture earlier this past year, I was amazed by how difficult it was,” wrote David Yen, founder of in a blog post. “The problem wasn’t finding someone with the right experience and abilities– in fact after a couple Facebook postings I received quite a few responses from experienced and talented students. However, the challenge was finding someone who was also entrepreneurial and passionate about building a venture. With any startup, this can be a make or break.” is an up and coming social network that focuses on building a community around student entrepreneurs. This specific niche for a social network has not been tapped yet and has tremendous potential seeing as how entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger.

There is a networking page that has blog posts written by Student Founders users.  Student Founders is currently planning on sponsoring entrepreneurial events across the U of M campus and expanding to other campuses.

There are 13 categories within the discussion section of StudentFounders including: Hello My Name Is, General Discussion, Articles Blogs & Websites, Broadcast Your Startup, Looking to Join A Startup, Look for Help With Startup, Looking for Capital and Funding, Business Plans and Planning, Social Entrepreneurship, Internet and Web Entprereneurship, Legal, Marketing, and Management & Leadership.

Student Founders is in it’s early development stage.  I definitely recommend playing around with the site and submitting constructive feedback through the comments here.

Disclaimer: I’ve known David Yen since I was in 8th grade.  He used to beat me regularly in James Bond 007 for Nintendo 64.