University of New Mexico Soccer Player Elizabeth Lambert Gets In Trouble After Video Publicity

Posted Nov 10, 2009

At the University of New Mexico, a couple of players at Brigham Young seemed to be pushing Elizabeth Lambert’s buttons. Lambert responded back in a manner that gained some attention from the camera. In the above video Lambert was elbowed in the chest by Brigham player Carlee Payne. Lambert responded by walking up to Payne shortly after being elbowed and punching her in the back.

Towards the end of the clip, you will also notice Lambert pulling Brigham Young player Kassidy Shumway by the hair and pushing her on the ground. You might think Lambert was being abusive for no reason, but if you look closely you will notice that Shumway was pulling up Payne’s shorts. Perhaps Shumway and Payne knew that Lambert had a short temper and decided to mess with her. But Lambert did end up getting suspended shortly after the above video became a viral hit. Personally I think that the two Brigham Young players should have received some sort of suspension for their behavior too. These three players showed unsportsmanlike conduct and there is video evidence that shows that with over 1 million people watching.

After the jump is another video of the incident being covered by ESPN. ESPN’s video coverage shows even more abusiveness taking place where a girl gets tripped and takes a ball to the face shortly after. Remind me never to let my non-existent daughter ever play soccer for Brigham Young or University of New Mexico.