Unlike Windows, Microsoft Sales Of SharePoint Increases

Posted Aug 11, 2009

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the company’s most used software by corporations and SMBs.  Companies used it to create process charts and even to create websites.  Companies and individuals also manage the content on websites using SharePoint.  SharePoint is also used by workers to collaborate on projects.

Microsoft rolls all of their SharePoint software in one bundle and sells it for less than what specialist companies charge for single business intelligence applications.  Sure SharePoint isn’t as customized as other business intelligence applications but if SharePoint can perform 50% of what other companies provide, but has the features customers want, that is good enough enough according to Microsoft SVP Chris Capossela.

Even though the Microsoft Windows sales fell the first time in company history, SharePoint sales have increased.  Last year Microsoft SharePoint broke $1 billion in revenues.  Clients such as Ferrari, Viacom, and Starbucks uses SharePoint to create their websites.

[via NYT]