Unreal Tournament is coming back and it will be free

Posted May 10, 2014

Unreal Tournament is one of the funnest LAN shooter games I have ever played. Now Epic Games is bringing back the first-person shooter game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game will be offered by Epic Games for free! To make money from the game, Epic Games will charge for premium subscriptions and micro-transactions.

– The game?s code and content will be available to anyone with an Unreal Engine 4 subscription, which costs $20 per month. Epic says that it will turn to Unreal Engine 4 developers from outside the company for input on the game.

– Developers will eventually be able to create mods and other custom content, and sell them to players through a controlled marketplace. Epic will take a cut of the sales.

Epic Games will create a playable alpha in the next several months.