Unreasonable At Sea Brings Entrepreneurs Together To Visit Countries To Solve Global Problems

Posted Jan 5, 2013

Unreasonable At Sea is an experiment taking place where entrepreneurs will be sailing in a one-of-a-kind journey with the goal of bringing new technologies to markets overseas.  The goal of the entrepreneurs is to help solve issues like global warming, poverty, and lack of clean drinking water.  The program was put together by the Unreasonable Institute and Stanford’s d.school.

The two organizations teamed up with Semester at Sea to launch the program.  Entrepreneurs from 11 companies will sail, live with, and learn from 20 experienced innovators like Megan Smith (VP of Business Development at Google), Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder), Scott Belsky (Behance co-founder and CEO), Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Tom Chi (Google X Experience Lead), George Kembel (Co-Founder of Stanford’s d.school), and Jeff Hoffman (Priceline.com founder).

Startup companies like Aquaphytex and Protei will be setting sail on Unreasonable at Sea.  Aquaphytex provides clean water to 300,000 people without chemicals or treatments.  Protei makes open source sailing drones to help clean oceans.

At each of the 14 ports, entrepreneurs will meet with investors, politicians, and other executives to demonstrate products.  Some of the products that are presented could even be rolled out commercially at that country.

The experiment is taking place over 100 days on a cruiseline ship.  Check out the video below: