Unruly Media Acquires Viral Video Company Shareifyoulike

Posted May 14, 2013

Based in London, United Kingdom, Unruly Media is a video marketing company that has acquired a German ad platform company called Shareifyoulike.  Unruly and Shareifyoulike will work with advertisers and ad agencies to create viral video campaigns and spread them across social channels.

“Germany is a key market for us, it’s the largest advertising economy in Europe,” said Unruly co-founder Sarah Wood in an interview with Reuters. “It’s also a really important market for social video in particular, there’s a real appetite for social video in the German market.”

She added that German brands have been at the forefront of social media marketing, including their client Volkswagen.  She added that Volkswagen’s “The Force” is still the most successful viral campaign, which features a boy dressed like Darth Vader using his hands to shift objects without actually touching them.

Last year Unruly Media raised around $25 million in funding.  In August 2012, we also confirmed that Unruly’s Media tripled to $27.6 million annually.  The terms of the acquisition was undisclosed.