Unruly Media’s Revenue Triples To $27.6M Annually

Posted Aug 15, 2012

Unruly Media has released their fiscal year results ending on March 31st.  The company’s revenue has tripled from £6.0 million to £17.6 million ($9.41 million to $27.61 million in U.S. dollars).  Unruly is known for helping spread the viral video campaigns from powerful brands like Old Spice, Evian, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Unruly’s platform stands for Media Engagement and Measurement Engine (MEME).  Unruly distributes the videos of these brands through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and tech blogs.  Unruly has delivered over 2,000 viral video campaigns and their reach is about 917 million unique monthly visitors.

The company has headquarters in London and there are offices in NY, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Sydney.  Unruly will be opening offices in L.A. and Detroit soon.  Unruly raised $25 million in Series A in January 2012.

Disclosure: Unruly Media is a Pulse2 advertising partner.  We work with them on spreading viral video campaigns with many of their tech partners.