Upcoming Console Acer Hornet To Take On The Wii

Posted Feb 27, 2009

When the Nintendo Wii entered the video game console market, it proceeded to dominate.  The console was sold out in stores and eBay sellers that happened to get their hands on it early sold it at inflated prices.  Since Acer already has hardware figured out, perhaps they are thinking it may be a good idea to take on the Wii head-on.  At least that is a rumor going around on Donanimhaber.com.

The Acer console is believed to be code-named “Hornet.”  It appears to be an HDMI-supported PC with a remote that is similar to the Wiimote.  According to a translator, it appears that the Hornet would cost a couple hundred dollars, have full HD video, contain dual-core Atom processors, and use the Nvidia GeForce 9400.  Maybe it may work with some PC games that already exist.

Should Nintendo be worried?  Highly unlikely, but they should keep their eyes peeled.

[via BI]