Upcoming Discussion On Massive Digg User Ban For Running Scripts Built On Digg APIs [The Drill Down]

Posted Sep 18, 2008

There will be a live discussion on The Drill Down at 9:30PM Mountain Standard Time on Friday night regarding the massive Digg user ban.  The Drill Down is a video podcast led by the top 3 Digg users: Andrew Sorcini (Mr. Baby Man), Muhammad Saleem, and Reg ‘Zaibatsu.’  It’ll be an interesting discussion.  I won’t be there to live blog it, but I highly encourage others to participate.

Below is an e-mail that DiggBoss (the creator of a script that is causing Digg users to be banned) sent to Digg officials and is awaiting reply.  What makes his case interesting is that all of the scripts he built for GreaseMonkey are based on Digg APIs.  Stay tuned for what happens.

Subject : Banned from Digg for developing an app using Digg APIs

Hello Digg Support –

1) My script did not digg automatically or add digg buttons.
2) My script checked if a users friend had dugg his last 15 submission
and displayed them on the Digg Friends or Fans Page (see here –
3) My script had a feature “Friends Not Dugg” which could be used in
the shout box. Please review the image –
http://docs.google.com/File?id=dfwd5kvr_5cgkcwscs_b – here again I
checked from Diggs API who had dugg a particular story and only
selected the friends that had not dugg the story in the shout box.
4) My script optionally pre-filled the individual shout box with the
friends name and his signature

As you can see from the above, my script used APIs. My script was a
feature’s add-on to Digg site, you may call it a “widget” and not in
any way used to rig the Digg Algo.

And to my credit just 2 days back I also seek permission from you to
have my script reviewed on this thread –
– which was declined, but before I could get necessary clearance I was
banned in 48 hours.

I am a coder, the mentioned scripts were not offered to be sold but to
be used by users as Widgets. The scripts used APIs – I was probably
banned cause the Digg Support thought “ohh these are scripts – lets get
this man.”

I have deleted the scripts from the server, please check here – http://checkfriends.appspot.com/