Upcoming Facebook Features Revealed at Snap Summit

Posted Mar 25, 2008

Dave Morin, a Senior Platform Manager at Facebook answered questions at Snap Summit earlier today. During Morin’s keynote, he gave updates regarding Facebook Chat, preferential treatment for certain applications, the fbFund, OpenSocial, and a payment system.

Around a week ago Facebook first showed a video of how Facebook Chat would work. This allows friends that are online to chat with each other similar to AIM. Morin stated that the new feature should be available by sometime next week.

The NCAA Bracket application on Facebook powered by CBS also was given preferential treatment by Facebook. Facebook capped the number of users that can be invited per day on a given Facebook Application. The number for a given application was capped at 20 users per day, but the CBS application was granted the ability to invite 100 users per day. The difference is that CBS paid Facebook to sponsor March Madness on their site.

Users weren’t happy with the CBS application since it had heavy flaws with tracking the winners and losers of the bracket and had a hard time tracking who was winning in the tournament. In turn, this directly affects who would win CBS’ $10,000 prize. Will Facebook continue to give preferential treatment to certain applications? â??I canâ??t say it wonâ??t happen again,â? stated Morin.

The fbFund made a few investments in application developers. The average investments made were roughly $200,000. The fbFund was set up by Facebook, Accel Partners, and the Founders Fund.

Will Facebook become part of Google’s OpenSocial? Only “if it becomes interesting” quipped Morin. OpenSocial is Google’s response to Facebook Applications for creating a universal platform to work across several social network platforms.

And lastly, Facebook will be introducing a new payment system within the coming months. The payment system will be a way for application developers to collect bills directly from their users.

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