Upcoming.org Kickstarter campaign raises 3 times original goal

Posted Jun 1, 2014

Upcoming.org was a collaborative events calendar website that launched in 2003. It was acquired by Yahoo! and was eventually shutdown. But the website’s founder Andy Baio wanted to revive the website and so he launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to make it happen. The Kickstarter campaign was successful and ended up raising more than three times the original goal.

Baio wanted to raise $30,000 to fund the relaunch of the website. That goal was met in 90 minutes. After the campaign closed this past Friday, it ended up raising more than $100,000.

Baio and two others launched the website in 2003. The co-founders of Upcoming left in 2007 after Upcoming.org “fell into disrepair.” Yahoo! shut down the website permanently in 2013.

“I definitely have regrets associated with it,” said Baio in an interview with Mashable. “I regret it because I feel guilty that the community entrusted me with this stuff and I made a bad call.”

Yahoo! reached out to Baio and asked him if he wanted to buy back Upcoming.org for a “nominal” fee. This is when he decided to work with Kickstarter. Baio used to work as the chief technical officer of Kickstarter and was an early advisor for the company. He is planning to relaunch Upcoming.org in a way that would allow him to keep it independent this time.

The new design for Upcoming is not yet known, but Baio knows that the website will rely on Foursquare’s API for venue data. There will also be a bit of Twitter integration so that users can connect with the people that they follow. Baio hopes to have a public beta set up by March.