Update Facebook Status By Texting FBOOK (32665)

Posted May 22, 2008

When I logged into Facebook this morning, I noticed this:

Facebook now has the ability to update status messages by sending a text message to FBOOK (32665) using your cellphone. 

Before the text message feature, if you wanted to update your status message on Facebook, users would have to log into the mobile version of Facebook and then type in the message.

When I attempted to test it out, I realized that I never activated Facebook mobile:

The above message will appear if you do not have your phone activated.  To activate a phone on Facebook, you have to go to www.facebook.com/mobile, enter your phone number hit Activate.  Facebook will text message you a confirmation code and then your phone should be ready to update status messages.

From that point forward, you send a text message to 32665 about what you are doing.  I wrote “Is testing out facebook status texting” and sent it to the number.  Below are the results:

and then Facebook Mobile sent me back the below text message:

I doubt I’ll use this feature much since I like surfing the web on my phone more than sending text messages nowadays.  But it is a great feature to add.