[Update] Wal-Mart To Start Selling iPhones On December 15

Posted Dec 8, 2008

The rumors about Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) selling their beloved iPhones at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT) is getting closer to being true.  Today Bloomberg contacted several employees at different Wal-Mart stores across California and they have confirmed that they will be carrying the iPhone starting thsi month.

The mass retailer company will be carrying two models of the smartphone.  Will it be the $99 phone that is being speculated?  I still have my doubts.

All the employees that Bloomberg contacted are being trained on how to sell and setup the iPhone.  Aside from their own stores, Apple also sells the iPhone at AT&T stores and Best Buy.

“A $99, Apple-branded cell phone is inevitable,” stated Shaw Wu, a Kaufman Brothers analyst in San Francisco.  “One of the key things Apple needs to do to drive broader iPhone adoption is to build a more complete product line.?

I agree that the iPhone will be driven down to a price of $99, but I’m speculating that it won’t happen until 2010. The iPhone still has that “gotta have it” product association.  iPhones at Wal-Mart should be available by December 15.

The two models that Wal-Mart will be carrying is the 8GB and 16GB at a price of $199 and $299, the same price as AT&T sells.