Upshot Wins $1 Million Dreamforce Hackathon Prize

Posted Nov 22, 2013

Upshot is an app that was developed by Thom Kim and Joseph Turian.  The two of them met at Harvard University 15 years ago and they have won the $1 million hackathon price.  Upshot is a service that creates mobile reports for sales that people use on the platform.  People can use their voice for making queries, according to TechCrunch.  The data is parsed in English through API with results that are presented to the user.

Some of the other Dreamforce hackathon winners were:

– 2nd place – Healthcare.lov ($50,000) – helps users pick a health plan

– 3rd place – Hirebase ($25,000) – highlights resumes with colors and annotations

– 4th place – Salesfetch ($10,000) – service for finding information across different services to get a broader picture of the lead

– 5th place – 2lemetry ($5,000) – service that detects identity and background of people when they approach a trade booth.