Urban Outfitters Selling Mofone Phone Case Attached To A Retro Handset For $45

Posted Dec 5, 2011

Urban Outfitters has started selling one of the most random iPhone cases I have ever seen. “Each mofone was built individually by artists in LA, with jigs and screws and we chose to continue a handmade factory instead of selling out and getting them made in mass,” stated Morrisa Maltz and it costs roughly $45. The Mofone case is an old landline handset attached to an iPhone case. Once the iPhone is inserted into the case, you will have to hold it up to your head to make phone calls and good luck trying to get the iPhone and this case into your pocket. I like the creativity of this product and I’m sure a decent number of these will be sold, but it only seems useful as a gag in your house or apartment. There is no way this case could fit in your pocket. [Urban Outfitters]