Uruguay Minister Daisy Tourné Puts Shower Pics On Facebook

Posted Jan 21, 2009

The Interior Minister of Uruguay Daisy Tourné put up a picture of herself up on Facebook… in the shower.   Tourné told the Montevideo’s El Pais newspaper that “There’s nothing more natural than a woman in the shower.”  Fortunately Tourné exposed only her face and arms.  But that didn’t stop people from complaining about her sharing her morning rituals with her Facebook friends.

“I think it?s in very bad taste that she exposes herself so intimately,” stated former Vice President of Uruguay, Hierro López.  Hierro served under Jorge Batlle when he was president of the South American country.  “Ministers have to be more austere, modest, above all the minister of the interior, who commands the police force.”

Personally I don’t see what the big deal is.  I think everyone in the world is entitled to express themselves, but should anticipate the consequences when making incriminating pictures public on a social network for others to spread.  The guy that skipped work to dress up as a fairy for Halloween should have seen it coming.  Paris Hilton should have known that the tape would leak.  Professional douchebag Aleksey Vayner should have known anticipated that his “Impossible is Nothing” tape would have leaked on Wall Street and that Michael Cera would make fun of him for it.

The below picture is no exception.  Now I’ll give you a few moments to regurgitate whatever it was that you were eating a few moments ago, but do remember to keep a few Tums handy.

[image credit: hln.be and Cadenaser]