USB-IF Scolds Palm By Saying Apple Can Protect Their Software

Posted Sep 27, 2009

Palm, Inc. (NASDAQ:PALM) had filed a complaint with The USB Implementers Forum because Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) blocked them from the Palm Pre being able to connect to iTunes. Rather than the USB-IF becoming sympathetic for Palm, the company has decided to scold them instead. According to the USB-IF Apple has the right to protect their software.

When the Palm Pre was first released, they claimed one of their features was the ability to sync with iTunes. The Palm Pre did this by tricking iTunes into thinking it was an iPod. In an update to iTunes, Apple blocked the Pre from having the ability to sync with the software. Palm found loopholes to the update and kept on tricking iTunes. Clearly this did not make the USB-IF was not too thrilled by this approach.

According to the Associated Press, the USB-IF sent a letter to both Palm and Apple. Palm was warned that if they update their software further to crack iTunes syncing abilities, it would be considered a USB-IF rules violation.