Users Aren’t Too Happy With Post-Acquisition Reddit

Posted Jul 5, 2007

What has the alien done for its users lately? The users aren’t happy, that’s for sure. One of the stories that made it on the homepage today is:

Reddit has been taken over by US politics 🙁[1] and was posted by _simon_[2], which was submitted roughly 8 hours ago.

I have Reddit plugged into my RSS feed aggregation homepage and I definitely agree. Whenever I check out the homepage RSS feeds, the stories mostly pertain to what is happening in the lives of George Bush and Dick Cheney. While this is very important to the nation and to us as a whole, it would be nice to see some news diversification. Diversification is one of Digg’s strengths, despite the fact that Google/Apple news tend to dominate the various technology industry homepages.

Further evidence that indicates the unhappiness of Reddit users include a story that was homepaged earlier today:
Should reddit go open source so that features get implemented[3] and was submitted by Dreyus[4]

Reading the commentary in both submitted articles is interesting. There seems to be an intense discussion in the open source posting between Reddit developers and users. Below is a screen shot example:

While I do not know much about the evolution of Reddit from history to acquisition to its present state so I may be jumping the gun in pointing out the opinion of Reddit users, I definitely think that reading the comments from the users is an indication of what has been happening since the acquisition of Reddit by Condé Nast[5].

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