Users Still Complaining About Battery Life After iOS 5.0.1 Update

Posted Nov 11, 2011

The Apple iOS 5.0.1 update was released today, but a lot of people are still complaining that their iPhones are still having battery life issues. Below are some of the complaints that was picked up from discussions at the Apple forum:

New update is no help at all.
I opened the safari and lost 2 % just by opening the safari browser…This really *****

Updated (via iTunes) and charged to 100 %. Killed all Apps, pulled the cable off. Did *nothing*. After one hour ~30 minutes of phantom-usage and 97 %. So it looks like 5.0.1 fixed nothing.
I started iStat and looked at my running processes. iStat has the PID 1364 – after just 2h23m uptime of. It looks like something is contantly crashing in the background? For example there is afcd with PID 1361, atc with PID 1359 and SCHelper with PID 1307. There are now CrashReports… Maybe its some background processes crashing all the time?!

No change for me either. Battery drain on my 4S remains after upgrading to 5.0.1! :-/

No Change here either after 5.0.1.
I just did a phone reset and charged it up to 100% again.
Did 1 18 minute call, thats it battery is not 85%.