USF Grad Student Uses Facebook Instead Of Blackboard For Handing Out Assignments

Posted Mar 15, 2010

Alessandro Cesarano is a grad student at the University of South Florida (USF) that decided to use Facebook to send out homework assignments instead of Blackboard. Blackboard is an academic content management system powered by databases that is commonly used in small-to-major colleges and universities. ?I like the Facebook page?better than Blackboard because students have more access to authentic cultural material, and I don?t have to waste class time teaching them how to use a new program because many of them already use Facebook,? stated Cesarano in an interview with The Oracle.

Cesarano said that this also adds a collaboration, communication, and increased student engagement outside of class advantage. Cesarano also plans to use this social media experiment as his dissertation. However other instructors are resistant to the idea because they see Facebook as being a distraction and there could be privacy issues that arise between students and the instructor. To avoid this, Cesarano encouraged students to create a separate account for academic purposes instead of personal use. [The Oracle]