uSocial Is Making A Good Amount Of Revenue From Selling Twitter Followers

Posted Jul 2, 2009

uSocial is a business that revolves around gaming social media for profit.  They to get your content on the homepage of Digg, Propeller, StumbleUpon, and Yahoo! Buzz for about $150.  Now the Australian company is out to game Twitter.  They are offering the ability to buy followers, $87 for 1,000.

The Twitter follower service has become quite popular because the company said that businesses and individuals are queued up.  USocial reaches out to potential followers and recommends accounts to be followed.  USocial uses the Twitter search engine to help find potential followers.  About 150 customers bought followers and there are about 80-90 campaigns that is going to be rolled out.

In late May, Digg sent uSocial a cease and desist letter, but uSocial responded that they are not breaking any laws.

uSocial’s clients have a range of interests.  Some of uSocial’s Twitter clients include a user that is interested in spreading yoga tips.  Another client is a user that wants to spread the word about God.

While some people may believe that uSocial’s behavior is unethical, I am pretty neutral about their business.  The reason I am neutral is because it is a business and businesses have to make money somehow.  The second reason is that Twitter does not level the playing field for certain users.  They have a user recommendation system that features only “high profile” users such as CNN, BBC, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, etc.

Being a recommended follower is worth money.  Back in March, Jason Calacanis offered Twitter $250,000 to be a recommended follower.  At one point, iJustine took cupcakes to the Twitter headquarters and became a recommended follower shortly after.  Its a dog eat dog world when it comes to marketing yourself.

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