UT Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center To Live Tweet Kidney Transplant

Posted May 15, 2009

PR officials at The University of Texas Medical Center and the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas is preparing to live tweet a kidney transplant.  John Gilbreath, a 3 year old will be receiving a kidney transplant from his firefighter father Chris Gilbreath.

This is the first time that a pediatric kidney transplant surgery will be live-tweeted from the operating room.  The event will be taking place on Monday May 18 at 6AM.  Dr. Dev Desai will be performing the surgery.

About 85,000 people are on the waiting list for kidneys and the most pediatric transplants have taken place at the Children’s Medical Center.  The Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan has previously live tweeted the removal of a kidney tumor.

[via USAToday]