Van Of Jaycee Lee Dugard Kidnapper Phillip Garrido Possibly May Be On Street View

Posted Sep 3, 2009

Jaycee Lee Dugard was a kidnapping and rape victim of Phillip Garrido.  Dugard was kidnapped from her home in South Lake Tahoe about 18 years ago when she was age 11.  Garrido, the kidnapper will face 29 felony charges which include rape and kidnapping.  His wife will also be charged.  Dugard was kept in a tent and in sheds along in the couple’s backyard along with the two daughters she had with Garrido.  This is one of the most chilling news articles to have surfaced within the last week.

Garrido has a personal blog on Blogger that is now flooded with hate comments.  After the jump is a screenshot of some of the hate comments he has received.  But another chilling discovery that was found on the Internet regarding Garrido is a mystery van following a Google Street View vehicle.  The van was suspected to belong to Garrido himself.  Pictures of the van following the Street View car are posted on BoingBoing.  Above is one of the pictures of the van.

Perhaps the reason why the van followed the Google Street View car was because it had cameras all over it.  Anyone snooping around anywhere with cameras are usually uninvited.