VCE Hires Praveen Akkiraju As CEO

Posted Jul 20, 2012

VCE has hired Praveen Akkiraju as the company CEO.  VCE is a joint venture that was created between Cisco Systems, EMC Corporation, and VMware.

The CEO position has been vacant for about a year.  Akkiraju was the former SVP and GM of Cisco Services Routing Technology Group.  VCE sells hardware and services for companies that run data centers.  VCE’s last CEO was Michael Capellas.  Capellas was the CEO of Compaq when HP bought out the company.  He also was running MCI after they changed their name from WorldCom and helped the company sell to Verizon.  Capellas quit as CEO, but remained as chairman for the last year.  Frank Hauck is president of the company.

VCE’s annualized order run rate is nearing $1 billion according to BusinessInsider.  VCE’s revenues are recognized by Cisco and EMC so they do not report revenue of itself and it has 1,200 employees.  VCE’s Vblock product is equipment that works with EMC’s storage, Cisco’s UCS servers, and VMware’s server virtualization software.  EMC has a majority stake in the company.