Verizon and MetroPCS Suing The F.C.C. Over Broadband Regulation

Posted Jan 26, 2011

Verizon Communications and MetroPCS are teaming up to sue the Federal Communications Commission. MetroPCS and Verizon believes that the FCC has no right to regulate broadband. The two telecommunication companies also point out that the FCC exceeded their authority by preventing Comcast from throttling BitTorrent bandwidth.

“MetroPCS is committed to promoting competition and an open Internet by giving consumers choices for wireless Internet access services at prices they can afford,” stated the MetroPCS CEO, president, and chairman of the board Roger D. Linquist. “MetroPCS’ concerns regarding the jurisdictional basis for the Net Neutrality rules, the recent appeal filed by Verizon, and challenges raised by some proponents of Net Neutrality to MetroPCS’ recent 4G rate plans, have caused MetroPCS to appeal the FCC’s Net Neutrality Order to ensure that the concerns of competitive wireless carriers, like MetroPCS, are addressed.”

The FCC claims that they are within their rights to regulate broadband. The FCC used an existing communications law to prevent Comcast from throttling BitTorrent. This past week Senator Maria Cantwell had filed net neutrality legislation to solidify the FCC’s authority for broadband regulation. This would add a new section in Title II of the Communications Act of the FCC net neutrality principles.