Verizon Wireless: Same-Day Phone Delivery Service Being Tested

Posted Oct 16, 2013

Verizon Wireless is testing out a program that will allow customers to receive same-day delivery for phones ordered through the website.  The service is being tested out in Philadelphia.  From there, it will be expanded to New York City, Dallas, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh.

If a local store has inventory of a certain phone, buyers will be able to order a device before 10AM and receive it by 7PM.  The same-day delivery will cost $20, which is a few bucks more than the $14.99 priority overnight delivery cost.

?We want customers to have multiple options to help them get the most from their wireless experience,? stated Verizon Wireless VP of national distribution Melanie VanderValk.

[Source: Verizon Wireless News Center]