Verizon Sells Nearly 800,000 Droid Mobile Phones

Posted Nov 30, 2009

Motorola and Verizon spent about $100 million in marketing costs for the Verizon Droid mobile device. The ad campaign behind the Droid phone paid off because it is nearing 800,000 in total sales according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue. This is near the goal that the company had to push 1 million units by the fourth quarter of 2009.

?According to our survey, some higher-traffic Verizon stores in major cities may be selling over 100-200 Droid units per week since the launch,? stated Sue in a note to clients. ?The bulk of Motorola?s smartphones this quarter will be at Verizon.?

AT&T tried to halt Verizon’s marketing campaign by filing a temporary restraining order against the “there’s a map for that” advertisements. The judge ruled against the restraining order. AT&T quickly responded by hiring Luke Wilson and launching an ad campaign called “Can Your Phone and Your Network Do That?”