Verizon has launched a cheaper “Share Everything” plan for $60 with 250MB of data

Posted Jan 20, 2014

Verizon has announced a new and cheaper “Share Everything” plan that costs $60 for 250MB of data. This means that Verizon has dropped the price by $20 for their cheapest plan. However, customers will only get half the data (250MB) instead of the 500MB that comes with the $80 plan. This offer is only available for a limited time.

This plan is for basic phone customers that do not consume a lot of data. The $60 per month includes $20 for data, voice, and text messages along with $40 for smartphone access. Basic phones just need to pay $30 for monthly access, which means that their total monthly fee would be $50 per month.

Verizon reduced the upgrade period under their Edge program to 30 days from six months, which means that customers can get a new phone earlier than scheduled. However, this program requires customers to pay the full price of a smartphone. Customers that want to upgrade after 30 days still need to pay 50% off of the cost of the phone.

Devices can be added to the $60 Share Everything plan, but this means that there is not much data for everyone to split.

[Source: CNET]