Verizon Switches Mobile Customers To Bing As The Default

Posted Dec 28, 2009

Many Verizon customers may have noticed that they cannot change their BlackBerry or other smartphones from to a different search engine.  Supposedly the search default has affected BlackBerry smartphones and the Storm2 device on Verizon’s network. The Yahoo!, Google, and Wikipedia options are no longer available as default options and users are being forced to use

Why is this the case?  There is a rumor that Microsoft paid Verizon $500 million for a default Bing search deal.  T-Mobile has a similar deal with Yahoo!  The Microsoft and Verizon deal is to last for about 5 years. The $500 million deal was signed this past January.

“We’re a proud supporter of Microsoft’s Bing search engine,” stated a Verizon spokesman in an interview with The Register. “On a couple of select smartphones (Storm 2 the most prominent), we’ve changed the [Verizon Wireless]-supplied web menu to make Bing the default search engine.”