Verizon Upgrading Copper Wire Damaged By Sandy With Fiber-Optic Cable

Posted Dec 5, 2012

Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam has announced that they will be replacing the copper wires damaged by Hurricane Sandy with updated fiber-optical cables.  McAdam was unable to get an estimate of the actual damage on their network while speaking at the UBS Financial conference.

McAdam sees an opportunity to “take advantage of this disruption.”  The company will be replacing the damaged copper in New York City’s Broad Street area and certain areas of New Jersey like the Barrier Islands.

“In Broad Street, that is literally the entire feeder cable [that] will be converted over to fiber,” stated McAdam. “And I think that will help us in a number of ways. We have got that platform then that we can build on, but the businesses will be able to add services, higher-speed services, change their services much more easily than we could in a copper environment.”

This will give Verizon the opportunity to upsell speedy data plans in areas that they could not before.  Hurricane Sandy flooded the lobby of Verizon’s headquarters around Halloween of this year.