Verizon Wireless Activates 6.2 Million iPhones In Q4

Posted Jan 22, 2013

Verizon Wireless announced in an earnings call today that they have activated around 6.2 million iPhones for the fourth quarter.  Around half of those phones were LTE-enabled iPhone 5 devices.  Based on this figure, Verizon sold around 3 million iPhone 5 devices in the December quarter, which is up from 651,000 in the previous quarter.  Verizon activated a total of 9.8 million smartphones in Q4, which is a new record for their quarterly smartphone activations.

Verizon gives credit to their high number of activations to a mix of Apple smartphones.  The company ended up reporting a $1.93 billion loss in the quarter due to charges related to pensions and Hurricane Sandy though.  Verizon’s biggest rival AT&T had a record quarter of 10 million smartphone activations.  Apple is reporting their earnings for their December quarter tomorrow.

[Source: Mashable]