Verizon Wireless Has Shared Data Plans Beyond The 10GB Limit On Their Website

Posted Aug 8, 2012

For those of you that like to hog on data, there are data plans available through Verizon Wireless that are beyond the 10GB listed on their website.  The new top tier costs $150 per month for 20GB.  Below is a breakdown of the plans.

1GB – $50 per month

10GB – $100 per month (between 10 mobile devices)

12GB – $110 per month

14GB – $120 per month

16GB – $130 per month

18GB – $140 per month

20GB – $150 per month


Apparently these data plans have been around since June mainly through the phone or from in stores.  To set up a plan under these terms, I would recommend calling Verizon’s customer service.