Verizon’s Response To The FCC About Why They Increased Their Earlier Termination Fee

Posted Dec 5, 2009

The Federal Communications Commission was wondering why Verizon decided to increase their early termination fee (ETF). So the Commission decided to send over a notice to Verizon Wireless to find out the reason for the increase. Verizon’s early termination fee is $350 and there is a $1.99 charge if you accidentally connect to the Verizon Wireless Mobile Web.

The company’s response was sent over to GigaOm and below are the results:
We fight day-in, day-out to meet and exceed our customers? expectations. We do that by constantly improving how we do business. Our declining early termination fee, or ETF, makes it possible for a broad array of Americans who might not otherwise be able to afford broadband connections to be active participants in the online world. Too many people still can?t afford to buy a PC for Internet access, and a subsidized handset option can be a great option. Nobody is required to pay an ETF. You always have the choice of buying a mobile phone at full price with no ETF. Or you can buy a device at a discount with a 1- or 2-year contract. If you stay with your contract, you don?t pay a fee at all. We?ve heard from very few customers who accidentally accessed their web browsers, and we immediately credited them $1.99 per month for the problem. A few months ago we modified our service plans so when somebody accidentally turns on a data service they don?t want, and they quickly turn that service off, there?s no charge. Even if this happens a few times a month, there shouldn?t be a charge on the bills.