Vevo Is Going To Launch An Apple TV Music Channel

Posted Aug 12, 2013

Great news if you are a fan of Vevo and own an Apple TV.  Vevo is reportedly developing a dedicated Apple TV “music channel.”  This application will enable Vevo to further monetize their music video platform by selling ads that are made for television.

AdAge reports that Adidas, Red Bull, State Farm, and McDonald’s are current advertisers on Vevo’s Vevo TV station.

Vevo TV has preset playlists.  The channel will play music videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vevo TV is currently available through Vevo’s mobile applications, the Microsoft Xbox 360 console, and the Rokut set-top streamer.  According to AppleInsider, Apple TV accounts 56% of all streaming devices as of 2012.