Vicarious Raises $15M In Funding Led By Dustin Moskovitz

Posted Aug 21, 2012

is a startup company that is known for “building software that thinks and learns like a human.”  Vicarious has raised $15 million in Series A in a round led by Good Ventures, which is a company stated by Facebook and Asana co-founder Dustin Moskovitz.  Profits that are made by Good Ventures will be donated to the Good Ventures Foundation.  Other investors in this round include Founders Fund, Open Field Capital, Steve Brown, and Zarco Investment Group.

Vicarious started in February 2011 with funding from Founders Fund, Moskovitz, Adam D’Angelo (former Facebook CTO and Quora co-founder), and Joe Lonsdale (Palantir co-founder).  Vicarious co-founder D. Scott Phoenix said that the company is currently in research mode.  During their research, they have created a system that can interpret the content of photos and videos in a way that is similar to humans.

The technology can be used in “almost every industry” including robotics and medical image analysis.  However commercialized products are still several years away.