Web video company Fullscreen acquires Viddy

Posted Jan 15, 2014

Viddy was a video sharing app that was considered the “Instagram for Video” at one point. Viddy was able to grow through videos being posted on Facebook. Facebook changed around their rules for apps and then Viddy dropped in popularity.


Viddy gave investors $18 million back and recapitalized. Then they downsized and rebranded the company to Supernova. Now Viddy has been sold to a web video company called Fullscreen. The 12 Supernova employees will be joining Supernova.

Fullscreen makes money by selling ads on YouTube and offering tools to video creators. Fullscreen was mostly interested behind the talent at Viddy and the technology that they use for video encoding and storage. Viddy has also developed a group sharing app called Clique and a slow-motion video app called Epic. This is Fullscreen’s first acquisition.

[Source: Recode]