Viddy Rebrands As Supernova

Posted Nov 4, 2013

Viddy is a social video sharing app company that has been rebranded as Supernova.  Viddy has created a new set of mobile apps called Clique and EPIC.  Clique is a mobile app that lets users share content anonymously with friends.  EPIC is a slow motion video sharing app.

When Viddy first launched, they saw a lot of growth due to the Facebook Open Graph.  The company raised $30 million in funding in May 2012 with a large valuation.  However, the company peaked last year and the CEO of the company departed in February.  That was followed by one-third of the staff getting laid off.

Supernova will continue to support the Viddy app, but they will be focusing on other photo and video sharing apps going forward.  Why the name Supernova?  A supernova is a bright star in the universe that collapses on itself, but this leads to new stars.

[Source: TechCrunch]