Video Ad Company YuMe Files For $65 Million IPO

Posted Jul 3, 2013

YuMe is a video ad network company that has filed for a $65 million initial public offering (IPO), according to an S-1 filed with the SEC.  YuMe connects advertisers with video content creators so videos that appear on the web and mobile devices can generate advertising revenue.  YuMe uses proprietary data-science driven technologies to reach receptive and targeted audiences.  YuMe works closely with brand advertisers and has hit over 257 million monthly unique viewers in May 2013.  They have also delivered over 8 billion video ad impressions last year.

“Digital media properties license our technology to deliver digital video advertisements to their audiences, and we apply our data science capabilities to ascribe characteristics to those audiences that will be relevant to particular advertisers. In combination, these capabilities allow us to deliver ads to audiences that we expect to be receptive to specific brand messages. We generate results that are relevant to brand advertisers, such as brand awareness, message recall, brand favorability and purchase intent, based on the viewer data that we collect through viewer surveys and our YuMe Audience Aware Software Development Kits, or YuMe SDKs,” said YuMe in their S-1.  “Over our eight-year operating history we have amassed a vast amount of data derived from our large software installed base of YuMe SDKs that are embedded in online and mobile websites and entertainment applications residing on millions of personal computers, smartphones, tablets, Internet-connected TVs and other devices. This allows us to deliver television-like ads, enhanced and customized for each specific device type, and collect valuable advertisement viewership data. We estimate that we collected over 200 billion data points from ad impressions we delivered in 2012. As we grow our audience and advertiser footprint, we are able to collect even more data, which in turn enables us to improve the efficacy of our targeting models, further improving the utility of our solutions and driving additional adoption.”

YuMe was founded by Jayant Kadambi and Ayyappan Sankaran.  The company has raised around $72.9 million from Accel Partners, BV Capital, Intel Capital, Khosla Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Samsung Venture, and Translink Capital.