Video Content Company Taboola Raises $15 Million

Posted Feb 20, 2013

Taboola is a video content recommendations company that has raised $15 million in funding.  The company has a marketplace where advertisers and brands come together.  Brands bid to place their content within websites partnered with Taboola.  Taboola also has algorithms to match content with relevant users and predict what they want to watch.  Brands and marketing companies use Taboola’s technology to maximize their reach and optimize audience engagement.

Taboola compares their service to Twitter Promoted Tweets or Facebook Promoted Stories.  It serves around 1.5 billion recommendations daily on websites like Bloomberg, New York Times,, The Weather Channel, and BusinessWeek.  Taboola makes it possible for publishers to re-circulate their own traffic by generating on-site recommendations.

Based in New York, Taboola has raised a total of $25 million.  Pitango VC led this round of funding.  Other companies that participated in this round include Evergreen Venture Partners, WGI Group, and Market.

[Source: VentureBeat]