Video Engagement Platform SendUs Raises $17 Million

Posted May 10, 2013

SendUs is a video engagement that recently exited stealth mode recently.  SendUs has recently raised $17 million in funding, according to VentureBeat. SendUs is gives brands everything they need to easily request, manage, and publish videos from customers, supports, and fans.

?Today, the consumer is controlling the message through social media. For businesses, this message, though loud and exciting, is unfocused, uncontrolled and often inconsistent with commercial goals,? said George Crowley, Executive Chairman of SendUs. ?Our platform cracks the code on this audience engagement problem by bringing brands and consumers together to create customer-focused video content. In turn, this interactive dialogue helps drive sustainable long term relationships and increased sales.?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% of consumers would love to be involved in the co-creation of brands that they like.  But less than 1 out of 5 companies are involving consumers in the marketing planning.  Through SendUs, brands are able to send send out a call for content.  Consumers can upload content from social media, computers, and phones.  The rights to their media is also transferred to the brands.

SendUs recently partnered with Tata Harper Skincare on a national contest where customers are asked what natural beauty means to them.  The campaign is powered by the SendUs platform and the contest is running through May 24th on their Facebook Page. Brands, small businesses, non profits, and other organizations can use the SendUs widget and API for customization purposes.