Generous homeless lottery winner from viral video now has a home [Video]

Posted May 9, 2014

YouTube prank channel “Magic of Rahat” put together a viral video in March that was very touching. In the video, Rahat talked to a homeless man named Eric and said he did not have money for a donation but had a lottery ticket instead. He gave the manager at a gas station $1,000 to give to Eric and tell him that he won the lottery. Eric wept after winning the money and offered to share it with Rahat.

The video hit over 16 million views on YouTube and hit the Reddit homepage. Rahat was also interviewed by CNN. The Internet rallied around the cause and asked Rahat how they can donate. Rahat set up a fundraiser and brought in $44,000. This money was used to get Eric a furnished home and pay for it for a year.

The remainder of the money — around $21,000 or so — was put into a bank account that will be monitored by Rahat. Check out the video of Eric finding out about the house above and below is the video of Eric winning the lottery.